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We have a large and changing variety of jams and chutneys including some classic flavours and combinations along side some newer more contemporary options.

Product photo We buy almost all of our fruit and vegetables from Kent with a large proportion of it coming directly from Kentish farmers. We love that we use local fruit and vegetables as much as possible. Our range of products is often determined by the availability of different local produce.

Our jams come in 235g (8oz) jars and our chutneys are sold in 360g (12oz) jars. The slight difference reflects the higher cost of local fruit we purchase to make our products.

We make all of our jams and chutneys in small batches of approximately 12 jars, in open maslin pans. We peel, grate and/or chop all of the produce by hand to ensure both the quality of the product and consistency.

We currently have the following flavours of jams and chutneys available for sale, although this list is not exhaustive and it depends on the time of the year for availability of all products.

Strawberry Raspberry
Plum Plum and Mulled Wine*
Apricot Rhubarb and Ginger
Damson (Out of Stock) Cherry
Blackcurrant Blackberry and Apple
Goosberry (Out of Stock) Pear, Apple and Crystallised Ginger
  *Christmas Only

Hot and Spicy Mango (Spicy) Queensland Fruit
Bramley Apple Red Onion
Apricot and Red Onion (Spicy) Spicy Green Tomato (Out of Stock)
Cinnamon Spiced Plum Beetroot
Beetroot and Ginger Zesty Pear
Mighty Marrow (Spicy)  
  *Christmas Only

Lemon Curd Seville Orange Marmalade
Lemon Marmalade  
Making jam.